lunedì 4 febbraio 2013


Un ospite che abbiamo fortemente voluto, direttamente da Birmingham, Simon "Dj Tippa". Come al solito, lo sapete, al Sombero vengono dj che spaccano, che non sono mai venuti in Italia, e Simon spacca, ve lo assicuro. Ma basta inutili parole, il 23 marzo faremo palare solo la musica!!!!!

I first started dj ing in the early nineties mainly scooter type events, playing a wide variety of ska & soul sounds. Then I was resident dj in a Mod Club in Birmingham for 5 years playing ska soul & r&b, all the club classics. Late nineties I used to play the very early Reggae Train nights on I.O.W. scooter rally and played the last one last year. Also I was one of the original Scorcher djs back in the late nineties .I now only play a few times a year but still pack a box of delights to entertain, old favorites such as Uncle Joe, Hold Down, Dig It Up, and I have been fortunate enough to Dj with The original Skatalites again many years ago, on several occassions. Now I mainly play Reggae and Rocksteady with the odd choice Ska selection now and again . But lets wait till the night it will be real dynamite from all involved .

All time top five from what I used to play would be a tough one. Here's five from way back.

Near To You - Yvonne Harrison
Johnny Pram Pram - Derrick Morgan
Budget 69 - Edwards All stars
Habits - The Wailers
Trust The Book - The Versatiles